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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 009
Seimei no Shan AO
Written By: SeiferA
Chapter 009: No Need For A New World! New Friends In Unexpected Places!
“Meow meow!!”
Shinsei’s vision was rather hazy as he tried to focus his eyes. When he did, he initially saw what looked to be 2 rabbits... however, both of these also looked like cats of sorts. Almost a fusion of both species if you will. The first of the two creatures had brown fur, while the other had light blue fur. Both had what looked to be red jewels on their foreheads.
They seemed to show slight concern for the teen at first, but as he began to regain his senses, holding his head, the two became happy and meowed with glee.
Shinsei looked over the two in confusion, not recognizing either of them as Pokemon, Digimon or any other sort of monster classification he’s ever seen. He began to wonder if maybe these two were unclassifi
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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 008
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
With Story Assistance By: Digistar
Chapter 008: The Biggest Dreamer! Digistar’s Journey With DATS!
Several additional hours have passed since Shinsei and his friends made their journey into Lavar’s Peak and discovered new friends there. As the crew continued onwards towards Capitol City in the red Volkswagen Beetle, Patamon, Impmon and Kazpa were all in a back area in the vehicle initially designed to hold luggage; However, the spacious area was small yet wide enough to act as a small room for Patamon and Impmon, with Kazpa looking over the back seat.
“Alright, so here’s the thing.” Impmon began as he was speaking with Patamon, “We know your training with Shinsei has made you learn a couple of moves. But if you’re gonna be a constant target, you know what the next step HAS to be!”
Patamon gave a dead pan expression to the imp, “... I know
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The Magnificent Subriden (Gift Submission) by SeiferA The Magnificent Subriden (Gift Submission) :iconseifera:SeiferA 3 3
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 007
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 007: Injaneno Strikes! Fight To Protect Cherished Friends!
“Your daughter’s life has been taken. I am here to merely guide her soul to it’s fate.”
“She has a lot to live for! She’s only a young child! PLEASE, YOU MUST SPARE HER!!”
“... perhaps we can make an agreement. Half of your lives to spare her’s. Both of you. Mother and father. Do we have a deal?”
“... heh heh heh heh... then it is settled. But know this; You will now know the punishment of going against the course of the afterlife!”
Injaneno’s voice.
At that moment, she suddenly remembered the moment so clear, almost as if it was yesterday. When Forgetfish returned back to Entra’s surface
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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 006
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by SeiferA
With Story Assistance by Fishlover
Chapter 006: Getting To Know The Monsters! A Night In Lavar’s Mansion!
As the last of the bags of groceries were loaded off from the old vehicle, Joey gave a sigh, looking at the big stack of groceries piling up in a cart, “Jeez, I keep forgetting how many groceries it takes to feed this mad house of a place. In just 3 days, no less.”
Alice smiled in response, “Well, if you ever need to go for another ride, you know I’m here.” She gave a cute gaze to Joey as he blinked, “I... um... t-thanks...?”
Her gaze eventually parted as she looked out the open door and saw the red Volkswagen still parked out. She spoke out, “Hey. You’re an AI car or something, aren’t you?”
“Yes, though I prefer to go by the name Rose.”
“Rose, huh?” Alice looked to the side as she continued,
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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 005
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 005: Come On Out My Friend! The Yokai Butler In Training: Kazpa!
Several hours have passed since Shinsei and his friends began their journey. As they continued to drive down the long pathways, the group couldn’t help but notice that the roads were becoming more and more narrow, with only 2 lanes on each direction, and an endless amount of trees just 10-20 feet away from the pathway. Due to this, Digimon were a lot more easily seen from up close. If it wasn’t for the protective shield that protects the Pathway, the road itself would seem a bit more dangerous.
Shinsei yawned as he rested his head on the driver seat, still driving manually. Rose, seeing Shinsei’s condition, asked, “You want me to take control, Shinsei? We’re about 30 minutes away now but if you need time to rest...”
“Nah... I’m fine, Rose.” Shinsei remarked, s
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Rose Avatar (Stationary) by SeiferA Rose Avatar (Stationary) :iconseifera:SeiferA 10 3
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 004
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 004: Airship Encounter! The Path To Become A Skyer!
Inside a dark office, many figure heads wearing professional business suits sat around a large round table, with a lone circular monitor in the middle. As they sat, some of which twidling their thumbs, a large series of doors opened wide, revealing several individuals whom seemed like bodyguards around one particular individual.
The individual in particular wore what looked to be an old fashion top hat with a similar suit to the ones the other men were wearing. His facial features showed he was an older gentlemen with white side burns and a mustache that covered his entire mouth. His dark black eyes seemed rather neutral as he twirled around a large black cane for a bit before entering inside, using the cane as support.
“Sir Howard Chaplin.”, the entire group answered as they immediately g
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Seimei No Shan AO Character Line Art - Bit Polar by SeiferA Seimei No Shan AO Character Line Art - Bit Polar :iconseifera:SeiferA 3 2 Seimei No Shan AO Character Line Art - Raldo by SeiferA Seimei No Shan AO Character Line Art - Raldo :iconseifera:SeiferA 2 0 Seimei No Shan AO Character Line Art - Eve by SeiferA Seimei No Shan AO Character Line Art - Eve :iconseifera:SeiferA 0 0
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 003
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 003: The Adventure Begins! Journey To God’s Sanctuary!
Sitting on a large couch inside a Pokemon Center in town, Shinsei and Patamon were both resting up after the eventful mishap that happened several hours ago, waiting for Majestic to be fully recovered by the staff. The Center itself looked like your typical medical recovery place, with couches, vending machines and flat screen monitors showcasing various news reports. Many Chanseys, Blisseys and Audinos could be seen walking around as they worked to help out the respected nurses in the office.
The sliding doors to the Center opened up as a familiar figure walked up to Shinsei and Patamon. The figure poked Shinsei as he blinked, “Huh... wha...?” His eyes focused as he saw Digistar and Impmon look to both him and Patamon, giving a smile, “Sorry we’re a bit late. My department had to investigate the abandon
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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 002
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 002: Test of Courage! Xros Battle Start!
“We’re looking for a Patamon.”
Many thoughts raced through Shinsei’s mind as he was taken aback by the statement from the DATS Agent. DATS, which stands for “Digital Accident Tactics Squad”, is a worldwide agency dedicated to keeping the peace between Digimon and Alters. Normally, they’re dispatched to take care of rogue Digimon that have breached into cities and towns and to return them to their natural habitat and, to some extremes, destroy them. The agents are all known to be top class Tamers, having some of the strongest Digimon in the world.
Knowing this further made Shinsei curious. Was this agent asking for the very Patamon he was taking care of?
“The creature looks like most other Patamon” Digistar began as she digged into her pockets, “But the clear diff
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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 001

A pair of light blue eyes opened slowly, seeing himself floating in a black void with various data lines crossing through the area. Looking at his arms and legs, he sees paws on each of them, with orange bat wings on his head. Though he couldn’t see it, he also had what looked to be a cowlick of sorts on the top of his head. He soon recognized what he was as the unknown voice spoke out once again, confirming his thoughts.
He began to wonder where he was. He couldn’t recall anything prior to this very moment.
Then, the voice spoke again.

The names sounded so foreign to him yet also so familiar. Why was this?
“Find them.”
A hole of light began to appear behind him, slowly opening wider and wider. As he looked towards, it, he saw several data lines ap
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Cards of Memories (SnS AO Side Story Prologue) by SeiferA Cards of Memories (SnS AO Side Story Prologue) :iconseifera:SeiferA 4 7

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It's time once again for future chapter summaries! To everyone reading this, I have to stress again I appreciate all your input and comments on this series. Thank you again for showing your interest in the series. I should also note before I continue that these summaries are tentative. With that said, here's what's coming up

Chapter 009 (Debuting 05/28/2017)
Awakening in an unknown place, Shinsei meets with some new acquaintances. With his traveling companions missing, along with his Key Tool, Shinsei and his new acquaintances try to solve the mystery on what happened, and more importantly, how did he come to this new place.

Chapter 010 (Debuting 06/04/2017)
Shinsei and his friends are now just an hour away from their destination. However, before they arrive at their destination, they notice that there's a Pokemon Gym at the nearby town, which acts as one of 8 gyms in the country. They use this as an opportunity to challenge and obtain a gym badge, but they soon realize a grand obstacle in their way.

Chapter 011 (Debuting 06/11/2017)
At long last, the group arrives in Capitol City. Knowing that time is of the essence, they quickly race to The Sacret Roots, which is the main sanctuary for Lord Yggdrasil. However, before they arrive, they encounter Howard Chaplin. And at that moment, a startling revelation is made to one particular individual in the group...

Chapter 012 (Debuting 06/18/2017)
Being held as prisoners, the whole group makes efforts to try to get Patamon to Lord Yggdrasil. They soon realize their efforts may not be needed, however, as they are questioned by top officials in the Arvinity government whom suspect Howard Chaplin's ulterior motives.

As always, leave some comments on the series as a whole if you have any opinions you'd like to express below. Again, thank you for reading and look forward to more soon!

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Name: SeiferA (Pronounced Cy-Pher A). My online friends tend to call me Seif (Sai-f) for short. I prefer not to give my real name openly because 1: It's common and 2: It's boring

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Not gonna tag anyone but definitely take it and tag me if you're so inclined! I'm always willing to learn more about my friends here on DeviantArt!
Hey everyone! Figure I'd post an update on a few things regarding Seimei no Shan AO.

First off, I'm going to be aiming to post up to 3 character line arts alongside my journal posts every Sunday. As I'm writing this series, I'm beginning to realize more and more how many characters lack any sort of visual showcase, so as such, I'm gonna be doing these for characters original to this story as well as characters based on guest characters from friends I know online and offline. However, if any OC characters I have in this series ends up already having a character line art/description from their respected creators, I will be linking to the proper source in the chapter description. Way I see it is I want to give proper credit where credit is due and if I can help them get renewed interest in their creations, I rather you all go straight to the original source.

Second thing is in regards to the Rep Level, which is introduced in Chapter 4. If you haven't read it yet and are about to soon, go ahead and read it first before continuing. But if you're pretty far behind, what Rep Levels are is basically the "power level" measurement of this world. Many anime series tend to use this since Dragon Ball Z set the standard for it, and I felt it was necessary to add something similar. Rep Levels, in essence, are an Alter's measurement of credibility.

But here's the kicker; You can find out your own OC's rep level in this story's universe! See, as my DA friend Letrune kinda wondered, my story leaves the possibility open for anyone's OC to show up in the series if they so desire; Whether it be me writing it or themselves writing it as a side story sort of thing. This is one of the first steps in allowing people to do this and I'll be throwing in a more detailed explaination in a future journal entry.

Anyway, to find your OC's rep level, all you have to do is add the following:

-Your youtube subscriber count
-Your facebook friends count
-Your twitter account followers
-Your instagram followers

Each of these are measured by Y Level, F Level, T Level and I Level respectfully. Adding all of these total will give your OC their own rep level.

Alternatively, if you have none of these, you may add your DeviantArt follower count, which would be measured as a D Level.

It's a fun and easy way to determine how your OC would rank up against characters in the story as they get introduced. If you want to post your OC's Rep Level, feel free to do so in the comments below!

Chapter 5 will be coming soon and I can't wait to show it to you all, as this specific storyline is the one that's been lingering in my head the longest. Look forward to it! And as always, thank you for reading!
Hey everyone! I figured I'd go ahead and mark down the next chapter summaries coming up in the month of May just to give my readers a heads up on what to look forward to. I just wanna stress before I mark these down that I really appreciate your support and feedback on this series. I've been working really hard for years on figuring out a way on how to tell a form of this story that was initially written as an anime/video game crossover series, and its good to know this iteration has support. Again, thank you all ^-^

So with that, here's the chapter info:

Chapter 005 (Debuting 04/30/2017)
Shinsei and his friends finally arrive nearby Lavar Peak, but are unable to find a suitable road or path to get there. It isn't until they find an ancient vehicle being driven by a few questionable individuals do they find a hidden route. As they find the entrance, Shinsei hears a mysterious voice calling for him...

Chapter 006 (Debuting 05/07/2017)
After meeting his new Yokai friend, Kazpa, and learning about the class of Yokai Butlers taught by Forgetfish in Lavar's Mansion, the group, while being seen as intruders, are eventually welcomed in the odd mansion as friends. Meanwhile, Forgetfish reveals how she met the monster vehicle known as Alice...

Chapter 007 (Debuting 05/14/2017)
A heartbreaking truth is revealed as the seed that was planted to capture Shinsei and his friends has finally come to fruition. While Shinsei struggles to fight, Forgetfish is forced to confront the truth that has been revealed and face it head on.

Chapter 008 (Debuting 05/21/2017)
While traveling through a city, Digistar receives news about Underground Xros Tamers staging a tournament fight against Pokemon and Digimon. As the group race to stop the fight, Digistar is brought into a dilemma with Impmon and a sudden break out of a Wild One

As always, if any of you have any questions or comments regarding this series, please let me know. Ill be making an entry soon to help people get further involved with this series.

Again, thank you for reading!

Well, it's finally time. After trying to figure a way to approach this series, Seimei no Shan AO (or SnS AO for short) will begin its weekly posting every week beginning on April 2nd as a light novel series. Those of you who have been following my recent postings on DeviantArt are likely aware of this project by now, but if you're not familiar, the Chapter descriptions for the first four chapters will give you a rough idea:


Chapter 001
A young teenager, Shinsei Shan, yearns to become a Skyer, whom are known for being some of the most free and adventurous people on the planet as they fly in their airships. While going out to help repair his grandmother's red Volkswagen Beetle, he stumbles upon the mammal Digimon known as Patamon. At that moment, his life would suddenly take a major change.

Chapter 002
A mysterious gentleman has been the target of the eyes of DATS, the local Digimon Law Enforcement. Possessing mysterious magical elements, he sets his eyes set on Patamon as his next target. What is this man's objective and what is his method of battling known as a "Xros Battle"?

Chapter 003
The aftermath of the Xros Battle left many questions for Shinsei and his new friend. As some of these questions are answered, however, the young teenager begins to realize what classification works best for him on his goal to become the best Skyer in the world.

Chapter 004
Its 7 months since Shinsei had his faithful encounter and he is now on his journey to become the greatest Skyer, going cross country towards the Capital of the nation. As he stops at a diner, he encounters a Polar Bear with a Fedora whom declares himself as a Skyer...


The overall plan is to post one chapter a week with 1-2 art pieces to correspond with various scenes in each chapter. The ultimate goal is to keep this story going for up to 5 years, but we'll see how long it lasts.

As for the side story to SnS AO featuring Karma and Ghia, that too has a tentative plan of being released sometime this year as a 40-50 page one shot manga. It's gonna take some time to get that one done, but rest assured I got enough interest in that to push me to finish that.

Let me know what you all think as each chapter is posted here on DeviantArt. I look forward to seeing the responses to this series!


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