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Matilda Avatar (Stationary) [Non-Animated Ver] by SeiferA Matilda Avatar (Stationary) [Non-Animated Ver] :iconseifera:SeiferA 4 0
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 016
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 016: A Grand Day Out! The Day Before Furry Festa!
A few days had passed since encountering Dromp and Amir. Driving on the wide open roads with grassy fields as far as the eye could see, Rose was taking manual control as Shinsei and his friends decided to sleep inside the volkswagen the previous night. The cloudy skies along with the strong scent of moisture in the air seemed to show evidence that rain had fallen in the area. However, one other bit of evidence showcased this.
Patamon was the first to wake up, feeling the wind from the driver side open window blow into his face ever so slightly. As he rubbed his eyes, he then stretched his arms and let out a squeaky yawn. Noticing this, Rose’s avatar gave a gentle smile, “Good morning Patamon!”
The orange digimon returned the kind greeting with a greeting of his own, giving a smile as well, “Good morni
:iconseifera:SeiferA 5 2
The Open Road (Gift Commission) by SeiferA The Open Road (Gift Commission) :iconseifera:SeiferA 4 2 Clip Paint Studio Test Drawing - Sonic by SeiferA Clip Paint Studio Test Drawing - Sonic :iconseifera:SeiferA 2 2 Clip Paint Studio Test Drawing - Ruby by SeiferA Clip Paint Studio Test Drawing - Ruby :iconseifera:SeiferA 4 0
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 015
Seimei no Shan AO
Written By: SeiferA
Chapter 015: An Unexpected Labyrinth!? A New Yokite Enters The Scene!
Deep within a vast forest, hiding behind a tree trunk, Shinsei, GTF and 2 other companions with them looked behind briefly, seeing a large gigantic brown beast the size of a house, with a frog-like body structure with what looked to be powerful, spring like back legs and muscular forearms. As it marched around aimlessly, Shinsei whispered to GTF, “Seriously? We’re fighting THAT right now?”
“What, you’re feeling regrets signing up?”
“No, not at all! It’s just...” He looked at the monster a bit more, “Can we seriously take on something that big?”
The experienced Monster Hunter gave a chuckle, “Well, if it was you by yourself, you’d last maybe about 5 seconds with this Tetsucabra. But for us, this thing is as easy to take down as a gnat. Remember, we
:iconseifera:SeiferA 4 13
The Open Road (Gift Commission) [Traditional Ver] by SeiferA The Open Road (Gift Commission) [Traditional Ver] :iconseifera:SeiferA 3 4 Where Did All The Dreams Go? (SnS AO Art Piece) by SeiferA Where Did All The Dreams Go? (SnS AO Art Piece) :iconseifera:SeiferA 6 0
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 014
“Are you sure you heard him say that, Agent 928?”
“I swear on me mum he did!”
Through a highly classified audio conference call through many key tools, several dozen individuals were taking part. All of them keeping themselves in secluded places, whether in concealed rooms, atop the roofs of the highest buildings in Arvinity or even in private luxurious rooms inside their airships. Many could be identified as Alters but others would be furries, scalies and other various types of races, monsters or otherwise.
A middle aged male voice responded, “... then it is as we feared. If Injaneno truly did mention The Zenith Gate, then we must keep a closer eye on the Chaplin Administration.”
An individual high atop a roof, whom seemed to be a male feline-esque furry with goggles on his head asked, “How many agents do we have in there anyway?”
“Approximately 3 agents.”
The feline remarked, “I make a motion to volunteer myself to mak
:iconseifera:SeiferA 4 5
Seimei no Shan AO 1st Character Poll Results by SeiferA Seimei no Shan AO 1st Character Poll Results :iconseifera:SeiferA 5 4 Explosive Speed Run (#SGDQ2017 Art Piece) by SeiferA Explosive Speed Run (#SGDQ2017 Art Piece) :iconseifera:SeiferA 7 2 Seimei no Shan AO Art Piece -Fierce Determination- by SeiferA Seimei no Shan AO Art Piece -Fierce Determination- :iconseifera:SeiferA 14 1 Digimon 20th Anniversary Tribute by SeiferA Digimon 20th Anniversary Tribute :iconseifera:SeiferA 8 0
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 013
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 013: An Unstoppable Nightmare!? Unlock Tri Evolution!!
The dark mist around Injaneno continued to wrap around him as his cry of pain continued to ring out into the night sky. Shinsei, Digistar (whom was still holding Patamon after Shinsei’s last attack) and the rest of the group slowly started to back off, beads of sweat starting to go down their foreheads.
They could feel it. The intense power that was suddenly starting to rise from this monster. It didn’t take someone who was trained in sensing power from an individual to feel THIS kind of power. It felt... dominating. Overpowered. In a way, it even felt almost otherworldly.
As the mist formed into a ball, it started to pulsate, like a heart beat, with what looked to be golden lightning wrapping around the ball on occasion. After what felt like almost an eternity,
:iconseifera:SeiferA 5 4
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 012
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 012: Escape! A Surprising Ally Appears!

His eyes were closed as he heard a voice. He immediately remembered that this was the same voice he heard when his memories first started.
“Wake up”
“You must wake up”

Patamon’s blue eyes slowly opened up... as he found himself in a blue container tube, floating in the middle of a liquid substance of sorts. He noticed a mask of sorts in his mouth which allowed him to breath. Various wires were placed on his body like suction sups. As his focus looked around his surroundings, he saw several alter scientists circling around the large tube, looking at various aerial monitors as they spoke specific instructions to various robots.
“Culumon is near. When the time comes, ask for her. And join with her and your friends to
:iconseifera:SeiferA 5 4
Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 011
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 011: The Unexpected Master! Enter Howard Chaplin!
“Hey everyone, look up ahead!”
As the group was traveling down the large pathway in the red volkswagen, the various vehicles on the road were starting to increase a bit more. The reason for this was obvious as the group looked at an oncoming sign that said the words the group was hoping to read for the last several days now:
Digistar’s eyes opened in pure delight as she exclaimed, “OH MY GOD WE’RE FINALLY HERE!!!” Everyone in the back was celebrating as they gave various cheers and celebratory yells. While it was only a few days for the trip, the events and everything that had transpired made it feel more like several weeks to everyone. But at long last, they arrived, as they saw towering buildings starting to hug the left and right sides of the highway. As Ro
:iconseifera:SeiferA 4 8

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You ready for more chapter summaries? Of course you are! Here are some summaries for the next 4 chapters of SnS AO (Main story subject to change):

Chapter 017 (Debuting 07/30/2017)
Team Shinsei finally arrive in Midfuria where the biggest fur festival in Arvinity, Fur Festa, is taking place. The group is amazed at the sheer sight of countless animal creatures that inhabit the entire place. However, while Shinsei tries to get in contact with Colley, an obnoxious Pontiac Firebird causes a stir with Rose

Chapter 018 (Debuting 08/06/2017)
Being introduced to Colley's friends known as "The Gneech", "Inkblitzer" and "Trixie" among many others, the entire group agrees to have a sleepover at The Gneech Household for the night. After a great feast, and noticing The Gneech declaring himself as a historian, Culumon asks him about the origins of Entra, to which he begins to disclose not only it's history, but also who exactly The Nakama Tribe were... along with the event that set their place in history as legends known as "The Nightmare War".

Chapter 019 (Debuting 08/13/2017)
Fur Fiesta officially takes place in Midfuria and as Shinsei and his friends enjoy their time with the festivities. During the events, however, the very person Shinsei was hoping to meet shows herself atop the main stage...

Chapter 020 (Debuting 08/20/2017)
As Shinsei and his friends focus on their new journey to Comicron-1, in parts unknown, a vehicle reluctantly torn away from it's owner finds itself with a new owner named Karma. While Karma declares to the vehicle that she will restore the car back to it's former glory, the vehicle shows self doubts on the unusual girl's mechanical abilities. However, what continues to puzzle this car is she recalls being destroyed at one point. Just what exactly happened...?

If you all have any questions or any comments, feel free to throw them here! Thanks again for reading and look forward to the awesome Midfuria mini-arc!
Just a heads up that there's gonna be a bit of a delay on the SnS AO Poll artwork as I only got 2 responses to the survey. Gonna wait until next week to see if there's any more submissions. If I dont get any additional input by this time next week, I'll draw the art piece on 07/09.
The first of 20 arcs is finally completed! I'm so happy that I have this contained story finished, and the next arc coming up will be just as amazing and awesome as the first. As always, I wanna thank you all for your support and comments on the series. Please keep em coming!

So with Volume 1 completed, I figured I throw in a character poll and questioneer for all of my readers to participate in. The way the poll will work is you list your top 5. I will tally up the totals based on score (ex: Number 1 will receive 5 points, number 2 will receive 4 points, etc). To reward you all for your input, the top 3 highest scored characters will have an art piece drawn for them on 07/02. I know the reader base of this isn't exactly ginormous, but I'd love to hear what you all think! So with that said, here it is!

List Your Top 5 Favorite Characters In Seimei no Shan AO


How far have you read so far?

What's your favorite part in SnS AO Vol 1?

What's your least favorite part in SnS AO Vol 1?

Any general feelings on what could be improved on?

Would you like to someday show up in the story? If so, how would you imagine your character be like in this world?


Again, thank you all for all your support! Look forward to Volume 2 very soon!
It's that time again for chapter summaries! A bit of a heads up on this: On July 2nd, I'll be taking a break from my weekly submissions as I plan on doing a one week break every 13 chapters. Each arc will comprise of 13 chapters, so it gives me a chance to recharge my writing batteries as well as give a bit of a breathing gap in between arcs. So as you might expect from this, Chapter 13 will indeed be the last chapter of this arc. So with that said, let's see whats in store for Shinsei and the others:

Chapter 013 (Debuting 06/25/2017)
In a fit of pure anger, Injaneno abuses the power of the L.O.N. Virus and, as such, achieves a new power of frightening proportions. Despite their unity, Shinsei and his friends are drawn to a corner. When they feel like all is lost, a shining ray of salvation appears before them...

Chapter 014 (Debuting 07/09/2017)
Without Digistar and Impmon by their sides, Shinsei and his friends journey onwards towards Midfuria where they can find clues to the location of Comicron-1, where Chikorita resides. As they attempt to go onwards, however, Rose has a major breakdown and, without many funds, are left stranded. That is, until Shinsei recalls one particular way he can make bits easily, along with strengthening his own armory.

Chapter 015 (Debuting 07/16/2017)
While continuing their journey, the group stumbles across a town that seems to have strange things occuring. Through the power of the Yokai Watch function on Shinsei's Tri-Ark, he is able to discover this troubling Yokai. Having difficulties containing it, however, he suddenly encounters a fellow Yokite named Hydra. 

Chapter 016 (Debuting 07/23/2017)
Pointing out that their adventures has had a bit too much action, Kazpa suggests to Shinsei that the group make a detour at a nearby town to enjoy themselves and just have some fun for once. Agreeing to the idea, the group head out and decide to have a full day of fun for themselves.

As always, if you all have anything to throw regarding the series, feel free to let me know!

Thanks again everyone for reading this series and look forward to the end of the first of twenty arcs to this series!
It's time once again for future chapter summaries! To everyone reading this, I have to stress again I appreciate all your input and comments on this series. Thank you again for showing your interest in the series. I should also note before I continue that these summaries are tentative. With that said, here's what's coming up

Chapter 009 (Debuting 05/28/2017)
Awakening in an unknown place, Shinsei meets with some new acquaintances. With his traveling companions missing, along with his Key Tool, Shinsei and his new acquaintances try to solve the mystery on what happened, and more importantly, how did he come to this new place.

Chapter 010 (Debuting 06/04/2017)
Shinsei and his friends are now just an hour away from their destination. However, before they arrive at their destination, they notice that there's a Pokemon Gym at the nearby town, which acts as one of 8 gyms in the country. They use this as an opportunity to challenge and obtain a gym badge, but they soon realize a grand obstacle in their way.

Chapter 011 (Debuting 06/11/2017)
At long last, the group arrives in Capitol City. Knowing that time is of the essence, they quickly race to The Sacret Roots, which is the main sanctuary for Lord Yggdrasil. However, before they arrive, they encounter Howard Chaplin. And at that moment, a startling revelation is made to one particular individual in the group...

Chapter 012 (Debuting 06/18/2017)
Being held as prisoners, the whole group makes efforts to try to get Patamon to Lord Yggdrasil. They soon realize their efforts may not be needed, however, as they are questioned by top officials in the Arvinity government whom suspect Howard Chaplin's ulterior motives.

As always, leave some comments on the series as a whole if you have any opinions you'd like to express below. Again, thank you for reading and look forward to more soon!


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